Kevin Craffey, a contractor and carpenter working out of Massachusetts, has enjoyed a number of accomplishments during his career. Since embarking on his apprenticeship in the 1970s, he has assumed positions of leadership over his fellow employees, started his own successful businesses, and completed several significant projects. Through KJ Realty Trust Corporation, for instance, Kevin Craffey restored the Buttner Building, a historic property. He has additionally completed general contracting work for malls and large retail outfits as the President and owner of Craffey & Co. Builders, Inc.

Kevin Craffey’s other prominent projects include the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in New Hampshire. From 1999 to 2005, he engaged in a full-scale renovation of the hotel, which boasts 200 rooms and an idyllic setting in the White Mountains. In addition to coordinating with more than a dozen governing groups at the state and federal levels, he launched a nationally recognized internship program in conjunction with local schools. Today, the resort enjoys four-star, four-diamond status.

Kevin Craffey studied business administration at Massasoit Community College and completed Journeyman Certificates through Associated General Contractors of America and the Massachusetts Carpenters Training Center. In his leisure time, he enjoys skiing, swimming, and golfing.


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